"Sharing Is Caring. And When You Share, It Shows
You Care And It Can Help Others."

Each of us faces challenges in life and in business, some challenges more severe—and fear-inducing—than others. The knowledge that you’re not alone can be a tremendous comfort.

In addition, the stories of others who have persevered and overcome great odds can help you surmount—or avoid entirely—similar obstacles. Those stories may also prove to be inspirational, even transformational.

That’s why this book was written.

Marketing and business-building experts Martin Howey and Jim Palmer have come together to share with you their true stories of overcoming significant—even immobilizing—challenges in life and business. And not only theirs.

They’ve also interviewed nine highly successful entrepreneurs—each one sharing his or her story of overcoming a significant challenge. They also reveal some incredible nuggets of wisdom on how to make your life and business more prosperous and enjoyable.

Prepare to be motivated, inspired, more hopeful, and perhaps even transformed!

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Bonuses From Martin And Jim:

BONUS #1: MP3s Of The Entire Book!

Now, you can take “It’s Okay To Be Scared” on the road!  Listen to it on the airplane, while driving, or for inspiration as you go about your day.

You get all of the content – Martin and Jim’s interviews as well as all the bonus interviews!

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Jim Palmer is the acclaimed author of several books, including The Magic Of Newsletter Marketing and Stick Like Glue.

With these two books, you gain powerful wisdom that shows you how to

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  • Get and keep more customers for life,
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Are you tired of just getting “okay” results from your business? Then you will be highly interested in these two great free books from Martin Howey, Achieving Insane Business Success and The Official Guide To 7-Figure Consulting

Here’s just a tiny sample of what you will learn:

  • The four primary ways to grow your business,
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Plus! Special Bonuses Provided By Our Celebrity Guest Experts:

BONUS #4: “The Power Of A Virtual Team”
By Melanie Benson Strick

Want to know the single greatest reason your business doesn’t work?

It’s not because you’re not working hard enough and it’s not because you’re not smart enough, or attractive enough, or lucky enough.

It’s not because you need to take another class, follow the right guru, or attend another seminar.

It’s you.

Are you ready to step up to your “A” game, but finding yourself unable to make the leap to get there?  Then you need “The Power of the Virtual Team”.

BONUS #5: “5 Secrets Every Confident &
Successful Woman KNOWS!”

By Susie Miller

Are you tired of the daily grind, are you longing & hungry for change?

Are you stuck and wonder why other women around you are not?

Are you ready to Be More, Do More, Have More?

Susie Miller, your Intentional Growth Coach, reveals “The 5 Secrets Every Confident & Successful Woman KNOWS!”

BONUS #6: “The Accidental Millionaire”
By Stephanie Frank

YES – your very own digital copy of Stephanie Frank’s groundbreaking book, The Accidental Millionaire!

This books takes you on a roller-coaster journey and shows you what it really takes to fall down … get up again … get focused … and finally master your life to get more of what you crave and deserve.

This is the book that started it all … and it’s only the beginning. 

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BONUS #7: “How I Turned $194 Into
Millions By Following My Heart…”
By Adam Urbanski

In this revolutionary e-book, Adam reveals for the very first time the story of how he came to the United States in the first place.

This set off a chain of events involving a train trip to Vienna, a ripped-up plane ticket and a short Facebook post.

All of these helped Adam discover seven lessons that can make YOUR dreams come true!

You will receive instant access with today’s purchase of “It’s Okay To Be Scared.”

BONUS #8: Private Mentoring Videos
By Joel Bauer

These videos are NOT for public consumption – they are awarded selectively to friends ONLY.

In these trainings, you get to watch, up close and personal, a sample of the processes which have generated massive income and freedom for those Joel chooses to mentor.

A PRICELESS resource that you otherwise get only by attending one of Joel’s bootcamps.

But available to you, with your purchase of “It’s Okay To Be Scared.”

BONUS #9: “Breakthrough DNA”
By Joe Polish

Your business wants to be great.

It has greatness in it.

All businesses do. It’s waiting to be shaped, nurtured and molded so it can deliver happiness, money and freedom to YOU, its owner.

YOUR breakthrough starts when you stop thinking of your business as ONE thing, and divide your business into 3 core divisions.

In this report, we walk you through the framework to make this happen for you.

BONUS #10: The “Airya Method of Awakening”
By Renee Airya

Eight Steps to Self-Awakening!

Refer to these suggestions when you are going through transition, suffering, feeling persistent confusion, or general lack of understanding or ability to accept your current life circumstances.

The suggestions are not sequential because often as you make progress on one suggestion, the others will shift or get easier.

When you claim your copy of “It’s Okay To Be Scared” you gain instant access to begin this journey!

BONUS #11: “Triple Your Sales And Automate Your Marketing”
By Mike Koenigs!

Get SEVEN Free Training Videos and Trials of Instant Customer and Traffic Geyser!  Your videos include:

  • My “Success Leaves Clues” Interview with Tony Robbins
  • “The Distruptasaurus” – Strategies to Build an 8 Figure Business
  • “I Love Marketing with Joe Polish”- about Robotic Marketing strategies you can use TODAY to grow your business and personal income
  • The Future of Marketing with Video and my “$250,000 Studio Tour”
  • The Power Of Storytelling and using Documentaries “Life With Tesla”
  • Documentaries As Marketing – “How to Make a Documentary”
  • And more free videos!

Available to you today, with your purchase of “It’s Okay To Be Scared.”

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